A natural lace glue remover, safe and healthy for hair, skin, and lace.



The most natural lace remover product you will ever encounter! What’s better than being able to remove that frontal or wig without losing any hair? Oh, that would be nourishing those edges while doing so, that’s right! Right when you thought a product couldn’t get any better, SLAYOLOGY showed up and showed outttttt!

Directions: Product does solidify, if not kept in a warm environment, you may be required to remover applicator from bottle, microwave bottle in 10 second increments, until you can tell product is beginning to liquify. You can also just place bottle in a small ziploc bag and let sit in a bowl of warm to mildly hot water until product has liquified, this is the recommended option. Afterwards, apply desired amount of product to hairline and massage into lace and natural hairline until you began to feel this wig/unit or frontal to easily raise. Repeat until hairpiece is easily removable from skin without force. Product can also be used to remove glue residue from hairpiece.


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