This virgin hair deep penetration soufflé is CRACK for your hair extensions and/or wigs/units. Bring old hair extensions and/or wigs/units back to life like MAGIC! Full description and instructions for product use below.

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This product is exactly what it sounds like, DRUGS FOR YOUR HAIR EXTENSIONS AND WIGS! You thought right! Once you use this virgin hair deep penetration soufflé on your bundles or wigs/units they will become addicted to it chileeeee! We do only recommend this product for hair extensions or wigs/units.

Directions: Apply desired amount to freshly washed virgin hair bundles or wig/unit. You should immediately be able to easily run fingers through tangled or slightly matted hair, even so, you should take a paddle brush or detangling brush and thoroughly distribute product to coat each and every strand of hair. Recommended leaving hair in a Ziploc bag for 45 mins to an hour however is not required. Product should be THOROUGHLY rinsed from hair with cold to lukewarm water, let dry and style as desired.

Product weight: 8 oz


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